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Medical sciences combines with IT to save lives
Greetings   CEO Deokjae Han, M.D.

In early 2020, when new lives should have been blooming, we experienced immense pain. Some suffered a loss, whilst others lost the enjoyment of their lives. We all had to part with our beloved ones in front of the unprecedented pandemic. And still, the pain is presently progressing.

Not all patients need hospitalization: some could be healed at home quarantining without specific treatment, some needing hospitalization to observe their progress, and out of these some needing intensive treatment as their symptoms were expected to deteriorate.

The medical resources we have
are now running out

However, faced with the tremendous increase in the number of patients, there is a lack of physicians to diagnose and classify all these patients, leading to a depletion of our Medical assets. In fact, where the medical system was vulnerable, it became the norm for those needing attention not having access to the hospital.

DOCL (Doctors on the Cloud) is an organization involving experts on pulmonology and infectious disease, as well as IT developers. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, we have analyzed data on 5,000 confirmed cases based on our cooperation with the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency (KCDA).

We then developed the world’s first AI technology that predicts the patient’s prognosis only using basic clinical information entered by patients and physicians. Having been developed through the world-renowned Korean medical science and IT, this technology has drawn recognition from WHO and the world’s prominent scholarly journals: henceforth it is currently being verified on the field.


Just by entering information,
you can predict prognosis.
We admit that our digital health technology will never be able to replace physicians. However, if this technology can assist triage of patients who require treatment after hospitalization, the pressure on physicians can be reduced and medical support can be utilized effectively, helping save as many lives as possible.

Moreover, with our AI model that increases its accuracy from self-learning when repetitively used, we are confident that it will keep providing support in the stabilization of the medical system.

In addition, I promise to actively undergo medical and technical reforms to flexibly counteract the rapidly changing infectious disease.

Thank you.

Doctors on the Cloud CEO Deokjae Han, M.D.
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