Vision and Core Value

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Vision and Core Value
Small endeavors combined can save the lives of our local & world community
Doctors on the Cloud (“DOCL”) was named after a cloud computing service, implying that we update patient status continuously and create a system that enables data checking anytime, anywhere. As an organization supporting the prevention of infectious diseases including COVID-19, effective distribution of medical resources, and preventive measures of government agencies, DOCL has given full support from The Armed Forces Medical Command, Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency, and College of Medicine from Yonsei university.

We are currently developing and distributing a mobile application for diagnosing a risk level of each patient based on data collected from COVID-19 patients in South Korea, and the application is currently being tested and utilized at Korean Armed Forces Capital Hospital and more. In a short term, we will extend the range of service provision within South Korea, and are planning to provide service on an international level as a mid / long-term plan.

Small endeavors combined can save lives of our local & world community

Mission Statement
Create the technology and data-driven service that lives

Strategic Direction / Charter
Support the people who are vulnerable to infectious disease

Distribute technology and service to relief sites and improve the efficiency for existing medical resources

Collaborate with medical relief and public organizations to bring about impactful achievement

Core value
Purposeful Mind, Commitment and Collective Intelligence

Purposeful mind
a will to change the world with a mission ‘save the lives’

a mindset to make a better world with the best effort

Collective intelligence
a power to move together toward a one, common goal with ideas and collaboration with people with various specialities

Project Slogan
Fight Covid-19 with Data

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