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Why was DOCL born?
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Combining medical science and IT technology can save lives.

South Korea is the 4th industrial powerhouse with excellent medical technology and cutting-edge IT technology worldwide. Alongside these advantages, we were sure we could play a pivotal role in saving people in the very near future. DOCL was formed by experts who purely agreed to save lives.

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There is a limit to securing hospital wards and medical staff

Only a minority of COVID-19 patients are in need of hospitalization or intensive care, while the majority can receive sufficient care under self-quarantine or in a residential treatment center. However, it is an immense burden to a relatively low number of medical staff to classify each patient when confirmed cases are surging across the country. .

What if there is an assistant program to classify patients according to their severity in this situation? Patients will be able to receive appropriate treatment for each condition, and by implementing easy monitoring, medical staff will be able to save as many lives as possible and use limited medical resources efficiently. That’s why DOCL was formed.

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We have the responsibility to return daily lives to the next generation.

The COVID virus has drastically changed our lives. It is now a social norm to wear masks that make it difficult to breathe and treat each other as a potential virus carrier. Students who are supposed to be at school running and playing with their friends are staying at home taking online classes, whilst the minority allowed to go to school have to keep their place at their desks with partitions between them. Elsewhere, unemployed young workers, families with halved profits and those who have dreamed of living abroad all have expressed their frustration of their current lives being more of a disaster than the virus itself.

Our lives are now divided into two phases: before and after the COVID pandemic. If we don’t take any action against it, we will never return back to life before the pandemic. We have a responsibility to take matters into our own hands and bring the world back to what it was like before this disaster. This is all because we have the obligation to pass such a beautiful yet normal world to our next generation. DOCL aims to fulfill this social responsibility and offers support to solve this perplexing situation.

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